Our Mission.

To inspire athletes while developing their athletic performance, character, and confidence.

Our Story

In his freshman year of high school, Jonathan Johnson was an average athlete. But Johnson had a strong love for football and track and believed with the right coaching he could become a top-tier athlete. At his high school, all athletes received the same treatment regardless of their playing ability and all athletes received top athletic training.

With hard work and dedication while still in high school Johnson developed his talents and became a starting running back by his senior year, a captain of the football team, and a national phenom in track and field.

After, four years of competing on the Texas Tech track and field team; Jonathan Johnson left Texas Tech as one of the greatest male athletes in Texas Tech history. Johnson would be inducted into the Texas Tech Hall of Fame in 2016. He went on to run professionally after college for Reebok for several years.

In November 2011 Johnson founded Run Speed Performance. His goal is to give all athletes no matter their starting ability the opportunity to become top-level athletes.

At Run Speed Performance we believe in developing youth athletes for short-and -long term success. We are passionate coaches who work with youth athletes no matter what their physical abilities are. We believe by utilizing our coaching methods and going through our extensive training program we can maximize your training to help you achieve your individual and sports team goal.

Run Speed Performance is unique in that we provide optimal sports performance training, specializing in biomechanics training (we focus on changing athletes running and sprint biomechanics as well as their sprint stride length and efficiency to increase speed). We work with our athletes mentally and emotionally to bring out the best of their optimal sports performance. We coach and mentor our athletes. Athletes get the best of all worlds; they work with our entire staff of coaches based on their individual training needs.

Who is Jonathan Johnson (Coach J)?

Coach J the founder of Run Speed Performance is a former Olympic track & field runner.
Coach J ran the men’s 800 meters at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece, Athens

Originally from Texas Coach J started running at an early age. Some of his merits include:

  • USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification
  • NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Olympic Trials Champion in 2004
  • National Collegiate Champion in 2004
  • Qualified to represent the USA in the 2003 World Championships
  • Named All-American nine times at The NCAA Championships
  • Received 16 All-Conference awards including four consecutive Big 12 Individual Championship titles
  • Competed as a Professional Athlete for Reebok
  • Set Big 12 Outdoor 800m Record (1:44.86)

He now trains other youth athletes and works with them to build their confidence through sports. His experience and talent that took him to the Olympics in Athens in 2004 has allowed him to pass on his knowledge of speed skill, high-performance sprinting and overall athletic training. He works with a variety of athletes looking to improve agility, speed, fitness, and sports performance training.

Coach J’s football and track & field experience started the path for him to break numerous records in high school and at the collegiate level. In 2004 he ran the fastest time by an American of 1:44.77 at the 800m race during the Olympic trials in Sacramento, California. Today he trains athletes to understand their innate ability and reach their highest potential to apply to their athletic performance.