Athletes can schedule the training programs below with a weekly group to help improve their overall speed, agility, strength, sports performance, and soccer skills on a weekly basis. Our facility currently offers three classes:

Athlete Development Track and Field is designed specifically to improve the speed, power, stride length, and running and sprint biomechanics for athletes in track and field. This program helps athletes with race preparation, and strategy, and prepares our athletes at the high school level for scholarships and college-level training.

Soccer Skills and Performance Training is about skill development and improving mechanical efficiency. Training focuses on foot placement, cognitive work, ball manipulations, and installing confidence in the athletes. Athletes will also receive training in running and speed biomechanics, agility, power, acceleration speed, and ball on and off speed.

All training classes require a membership. Please find the class you want to join or get started with a membership to book.

Group Training Memberships

Training Classes

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